Transition and Opportunity: Strategies from Business Leaders on Making the Most of China’s Future
Huiyao Wang, Lu Miao February, 2022 Springer Nature Publishing Group



Transition and Opportunity

Editors: Huiyao Wang, Lu Miao

Published in February, 2022

Publisher: Springer Nature Publishing Group

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Transition and Opportunity: Strategies from Business Leaders on Making the Most of China’s Future is the third volume in CCG’s “China and Globalization” series of books edited by Dr. Huiyao Wang and Dr. Lu Miao.


Series Editors: Huiyao Wang Lu Miao

Publisher: Springer Nature Publishing Group

CCG strives to foster dialogue through publications, forums and one-on-one discussions with a wide range of influencers. This book is meant to do just that – Dr. Huiyao Wang and Dr. Lu Miao have compiled this volume of original works by CEOs and senior business representatives to provide a balanced and diverse perspective that will provide Chinese officials with valuable insights and inspire business to make the most of China’s development.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and geopolitical tensions, China continues to present many opportunities for multinationals while MNCs continue to play a key role in the Chinese economy. However, balancing domestic development, quality growth, and international standards often renders increased uncertainties for global businesses operating in an already complex regulatory environment.

Released nearly two years after the outbreak of COVID-19, Transition and Opportunity brings together an array of CEOs and senior executives from leading multinationals, leaders of foreign trade associations and representatives of advocacy groups on the ground in China to share their views on the potential and risks China holds for business as the world economy recovers.

The 22 entries in this book include contributions from the heads of Beijing-based chambers of commerce representing the EU, the US, France, Switzerland and Brazil and others, CEOs and senior executives of MNCs like Airbus, Royal DSM, Michelin, LinkedIn and Herbalife as well as representatives of global consulting firms like KPMG, PwC, Accenture and Roland Berger.

Divided into three parts – ‘The Big Picture,’ ‘Analysis and Advice,’ and ‘On the Ground’ – content progresses from looking at how countries balance their own interests with China’s for that elusive ‘win-win’ formula, to the role consultancies and advisors play in helping companies succeed, then looking at the experiences of individual companies to see how they have adapted and thrived in China.


Part I   The Big Picture


The Significance of International Business

Martin Mueller – Chairman of the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce


A Roadmap to Bolstering EU-China Relations

Jörg Wuttke – President of the EU Chamber of Commerce in China


Candor, Wisdom and Persistence – the keys to stabilizing the all-important economic relationship between China and the U.S.  

Timothy P. Stratford – Former Assistant U.S. Trade Representative


The Impact of Decoupling on US Employment

Craig Allen – President of the US-China Business Council


Threading the Needle: US and Silicon Valley Business in a Changing China

Sean Randolph – Senior Director of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute


Growing UK-China Trade within the Multilateral Frameworks of the Asia-Pacific Region

Joseph Cash – Policy Analyst, China-Britain Business Council (CBBC)


Continued Clear and Practical Reform Policies Will Create a Positive Environment for French Companies in China

Christophe Lauras – President of CCI France Chine


Chinas Growing Presence in Brazil and Latin America

Luiz Augusto de Castro Neves – President of the Brazil-China Business Council



Part II Analysis and Advice


Key Opportunities for China to Lead Globalization 3.0

James Chang – PwC China Regional Economic Clusters Managing Partner


Five Reasons for Confidence in China’s Economic Future

Samantha Zhu – Chairperson and Market Unit Lead Accenture Greater China


Transition and opportunity: investing in and benefiting from China’s new development paradigm

Vaughn Barber – Global Chair of KPMG’s Global China Practice


Continued acceleration of the reform of China’s capital markets still needed

Mark Austen – CEO of Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA)


China, Deglobalization, and the Multinational: What does the next decade hold for multinational companies from the East and West?

Weiwen Han- Managing Partner of Bain & Company, Greater China offices


Can Chinese giants become multinational companies

Denis Depoux – Global Managing Director of Roland Berger



Part III  On The Ground


Airbus—a Solid, Reliable and Trustworthy Long-term Partner for China

Gang Xu – CEO, Airbus China


The remarkable rise of premium automobiles in China

Hubertus Troska – Chairman & CEO of Daimler Greater China


Being Chinese in China to Ensure a Win-Win Solution: Michelin’s Goals for Development in China

Kamran Vossoughi – President & CEO, Michelin China


A Look at the Digital Economy in Terms of Talent Using the LinkedIn Economic Graph

Yanping Wang – Former General Manager of Public Affairs, LinkedIn China


Why Adaptive Learning Organizations are better placed to succeed in the future

Kamal Dhuper – President of NIIT China


International Educational Testing Development in a post-COVID China Context: Five Trends for the future of Educational Testing  

Mengyan Wang – Managing Director, ETS China


DSM Brings Brighter Lives to China, Shaping China’s Future Together

Joe Zhou – President, DSM China


Opportunities and Challenges in Health and Nutrition Industry with the Rise of Younger Consumers

Qunyi Zheng – Chairman of Herbalife China