• [Research Features] China’s role in a sustainable post-pandemic globalization

    Thought Leader As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic and struggles to get back onto its feet, it will need to shrug off talk of deglobalisation and embrace a more sustainable sense of collective economic order. The global economy is too interconnected to be torn apart by rampant nation...
    Research Features  |  May 03 , 2022
  • BBC HARDtalk Speaks to Henry Huiyao Wang

    Stephen Sackur of BBC’s flagship program HARDtalk speaks to Henry Huiyao Wang , founder and president of Center for China and Globalization (CCG). From China’s position on Ukrainian crisis and China-US relations, to its Covid-19 policy, the show explains the exchanges of views. http://video.ccg....
    BBC  |  June 24 , 2022
  • Bloomberg | Wang Huiyao: Chinese Growth Target of 5.5% Is Realistic

      CCG President Henry Huiyao Wang discusses China’s growth targets, the Covid strategy and how Beijing is viewing Russia’s war with Ukraine. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: China Open.”
    Bloomberg  |  March 07 , 2022
  • 【Asia Times】 Interview with editor of ‘Consensus or Conflict’

    Wang Huiyao is co-author of ‘Consensus or Conflict? China and Globalization in the 21st Century,’ along with Alistair Michie. Photo: AFP / Nicholas Kamm   He spoke with Asia Times editors via teleconference on October 8. Below is an edited transcript of the conversation. To rea...
    CCG  |  October 12 , 2021
  • 【CNA】Dr Wang Huiyao on China applying to join CPTPP trade pact   China has said its application to join Asia-Pacific’s biggest free trade pact is unrelated to the recently formed alliance between Australia, Britain and the U...
    CNA  |  September 17 , 2021
  • 【Forbes】Education, Trade Underscore How U.S., China Ties Continue Amid Geopolitical Disputes: Forbes China Forum Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping could take advantage of a G20 meeting later this year to meet in person, suggests Henry Wang, president of Center for China and Globalization(CCG). Continuing high levels of U.S.-C...
    Forbes  |  August 24 , 2021
  • 【Science|Business】Open and closed: A call to rethink the way we handle global R&D

    Science|Business launches an inquiry into how we can better manage the amazing fruits of science and technology in an age of pandemics, climate change and global turmoil It’s time to take a fresh look at when and how the world cooperates in science and technology development, according to a gro...
    Science|Business  |  August 23 , 2021
  • 【】EU could mediate in China-U.S. trade dispute

      The European Union can act as an intermediary to help “harmonize” relations between China and the United States and ease their trade tensions, says an advisor to the Beijing government, who believes stronger collaboration on areas of common interest can lay the groundwork for further compromis...  |  March 19 , 2021