Enhancing Global Governance in a Fragmented World

Enhancing Global Governance in a Fragmented World

Prospects, Issues, and the Role of China


Edited by Henry Huiyao Wang, Ph.D. and Mabel Lu Miao, Ph.D.
Published by Springer Nature in June 2024

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This open access book explores the ‘polycrisis’ currently affecting nearly all nations by exploring key themes such as multilateralism and globalization from the perspective of think tanks from nearly every continent, searching for various solutions to the ills that currently plague the world and a way to create a future in which everyone benefits.

As China’s preeminent non-governmental think tank, the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) has invited 30 leading figures from the global think tank community to sift through the myriad layers of multilateralism and global governance and provide a contextual analysis of major themes both from a theoretical and practical perspective, focusing on China in detail, but also examining the world as a whole.

Think tanks are essential in analyzing current trends and providing potential solutions that aid governments, international organizations and business in finding solutions that are beneficial to all. As a key source of innovative ideas, they have become even more valuable today as the pace of change accelerates, geopolitical complexity increases and the world has to deal with global crises that no country can address on their own.

A common, central theme through all of the 25 essays in this book is the need for a more universal, inclusive and multilateral approach to reforming global governance. It is our hope that the views of the experts from think tanks and other non-governmental organizations in this compilation will provide valuable insights to help heal the gaps in our fragmented world.



About the Editors

Dr. Henry Huiyao Wang is Founder and President of Center for China and Globalization (CCG), a think tank ranked among top 100 think tanks in the world. He is also Dean of the Institute of Development Studies of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics of China, Vice Chairman of China Association for International Economic Cooperation, and Director of Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs. He is currently a steering committee member of Paris Peace Forum and an advisory board member of Duke Kunshan University. He has served as an expert for the World Bank, IOM, and ILO. He pursued his Ph.D. studies at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Manchester. He was Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and Visiting Fellow at Brookings Institute. He is the Chief Editor of the Springer Nature book series China and Globalization Series, Chinese Enterprise Globalization Series and the International Talent Development in China Series. His books in English include Globalizing China (2012); China Goes Global (2016); Handbook on China and Globalization (2019); Globalization of Chinese Enterprises(2020); Consensus or Conflict?: China and Globalization in the 21st Century (2021); China and the World in aChangingContext: Perspectivesfrom Ambassadors to China (2022); The Ebb and Flow of Globalization: Chinese Perspectives on China’s Development and Role in the World (2022); Understanding Globalization, Global Gaps, and Power Shifts in the 21st Century: CCG Global Dialogues (2022); Escaping Thucydides’s Trap: Dialogue with Graham Allison on China–US Relations (2023); and The Future of China’s Development and Globalization (2024).

Dr. Mabel Lu Miao is Co-Founder and Secretary-General of CCG, a Munich Security Conference (MSC) Young Leader, and the Founder of Global Young Leader Dialogue (GYLD). She is also Deputy Director General of the International Writing Center at Beijing Normal University. She received her Ph.D. in Contemporary Chinese Studies from Beijing Normal University and has been a visiting scholar at New York University’s China House and the Fairbank Center at Harvard University. She is a co-author of many Chinese Social Science Academy blue books and Chinese Social Science Foundation’s research project reports. She has published a number of books in Chinese, which detail China’s outbound business and global talent. Her latest publications in English are: International Migration of China: Status, Policy and Social Responses to the Globalization of Migration (2017); China’s Domestic and International Migration Development (2019); and Transition and Opportunity: Strategies from Business Leaders on Making the Most of China’s Future (2022); Strategies for Chinese Enterprises Going Global (2023); The Challenge of “Going Out”: Chinese Experiences in Outbound Investment (2023); and The Future of China’s Development and Globalization (2024).


The “China and Globalization” series, co-edited by Dr. Henry Huiyao Wang, Founder and President of CCG and Dr. Mabel Lu Miao, Secretary-General of CCG, seeks to create a balanced global perspective by gathering the views of highly influential policy scholars, practitioners, and opinion leaders from China and around the world.
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